The Wise Men

Series - The Greatest Story
Presenter - Pastor Matt Surber
Date - December 12, 2021

Pastor Matt Surber looks at the story of the Wise Men and the role joy and worship play in the Christmas Story and our everyday lives.

When Christmas Is Over

Central Campus Pastor Dave Cash reflects on the greatest story, the birth and resurrection of Jesus, and how we can move forward as the Christmas season comes to a close.

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When Christmas Doesn’t Seem Like The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Pastor Matt Surber reminds us that in the midst of heartache and uncertainty, God will work everything out for good for those who put their hope and trust in Him.

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The Shepherds

Pastor Matt Surber unpacks the significance of God choosing the shepherds to receive the good news of Jesus Christ’s birth. Like the shepherds, God invites us to take part in the greatest story, the Gospel.

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