Contemporary Worship

At Mission City we want to live a life of worship and praise.


The focus of Worship at Mission City Church is to bring each worshipper into an encounter with the living Jesus Christ and to stir up our affections for God. We believe that worship gives us an opportunity to thank God for who He is and allows us to remember what He has done. As we sing about Him, we are able to refocus our hearts and minds on Him and His unchanging love. 

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We believe worship should be God focused and not “us” focused. When we sing about God’s character, we are reminded of all the ways that He is worthy of our praise and adoration – and that He is God and we are not. Through songs and worship elements, every aspect of our Worship Service points to Jesus.

In order to engage people where they are, we work to keep our song choices relevant while still maintaining spiritual depth. In other words, we will never sacrifice spiritual depth for the sake of singing “trendy” songs.

When you attend a Worship Service at Mission City Church, you can expect a relevant and meaningful worship experience that draws your heart and mind to a renewed focus on Jesus Christ.


Kelsey Hiett


Damaris Guerra