This is not just Bible study.

Like small communities, our students bond with one another in study, adventure, and through biblical life experiences as we dare to live the life Jesus taught, seven days a week.

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Student Midweek – Northwest

Northwest Campus

Wed 7:00 pm



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Sun 6:30 pm



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Central Campus

Sun 11:00 am

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Mission City Students

The Mission City Student Ministry exists to provide spiritually transformative experiences in exciting, dynamic, and engaging ways in our local church communities.  

“Mission City Students is the place to be for high school and mid-high students to be challenged to live with adult-level Christian faith and mindset.”

Theo Combos

Our desire is that our students will come to actively know Jesus Christ and The Gospel, taking ownership of their faith in their own pursuit of a relationship with their Father. That, in learning this truth, they will find freedom. We cultivate relationships so that students will grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ together – in a loving, family-like community. Only together can we better understand how high, wide and deep the love of Christ is. 

We provide a weekly student ministry experience that is fun, enriching, and exciting. Students will personally experience what Jesus meant when he said he came to offer us life to the full. Students favorite time of the week will be the times that we gather together as a student ministry as a result.  

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Mission City Students Social

Theo Combos

Theo Combos

Northwest Students

Alyssa Cummings

Northwest Worship and Students


Morgen Sheffler

Central Students

Daniel Cuyler

Central Students


Olivia Robbins

North Administrator and Students