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Mission City Young Adults

College takes place at the intersection of opportunity and autonomy. In just four years (sometimes a few more), college students cross a finish line of learning, self-discovery, and graduation to the “real world.” Most people’s college experience shapes the rest of their lives in some way, and that’s because college is all about dreaming of who we are becoming. For many people, college is remembered as the best years of their lives — because that’s the last time they truly dreamed of big things. 

At Mission City Church, we expect big things as one of our core values. We believe that God wants to transform our lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ — and we believe He wants to start that process right now in all of us.

While many men and women search for purpose, joy, and belonging in college, the only place where all of it can be found is in the love of God. As you are becoming who you are through your college experience, our church believes that your life has more meaning, more significance, and more value than you could ever dream. That’s why Mission City College is engaging college students with the good news that Jesus is offering everyone life to the fullest in Him.

Now is your opportunity to get to know the God who has been pursuing you all your life. Let your college years be a launchpad to really find out who you are and be sent into the world with identity and purpose. Wake up from your dreams about someday, and live into an even better reality today. Come follow Jesus with us in community and see how He can uniquely transform your life into all that God made you to be.

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Jeff Garner

Teaching Pastor and Next Gen Ministry