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Know Mission City

Mission City - Matt Surber

Mission Statement

Engage people where they are with the gospel of Jesus Christ and lead them into lives of transformation.


  • Love People
  • Share the Gospel
  • Lead in Transformation
  • Expect Big Things

As a Church

  • The Church of believers, is the Body of Christ, and Jesus is at the head
  • Mission City, as a church is our local expression of the larger family of faith
  • We are one church, with multiple campuses (Central, Northwest, North)

Mission City Church is an independent church cooperating with many other like-minded ministries, taking the hope and love of Christ to those who need Him.

Scriptures (God’s Word)

  • The entire Bible is the inspired Word of God
  • The Bible is without error
  • It is our reliable guide for all we believe and how we live


  • It is a free gift of God
  • Christ paid for our sin
  • We can repent, trust Him and find new life

Know Jesus /


The expectation of a healthy church body at Mission City includes participation in:

  • Worship – we corporately worship together, support and pray together weekly.
  • LifeGroups – we live together, through life’s ups and downs, sharing the believer’s long-term journey.
  • Discipleship – in small groups, we pursue understanding of the Word by studying the scriptures in various settings, and time intervals; this includes seasonal Bible studies, recovery, grief, men’s/women’s and special interest groups.
  • Serving – we commit to serving regularly at home within our own church, and in our communities; often times serving with our LifeGroups. 
Balanced Connections


All seekers are welcome at Mission City Church, but we practice “Covenant Membership.” This designation is for people fully committed to ownership and leadership within our church body. Why do we have our ministry partners commit to a covenant? 

  • To share commitment and ownership
  • To confirm shared beliefs
  • To define our team so we can actively work together

If you are interested in becoming a ministry partner, reach out and connect with our pastoral staff, our Next Steps booth or through our Connect form.

Church Leadership

The head of our church is Jesus Christ, but our leadership is distributed across a few entities:

  • Elders – the elders are responsible for the directional and spiritual leadership of the church. The Lead Pastor serves as an elder.
  • Deacons – deacons are servants of the church. In general, they deal with the physical needs and carry out the helping ministries of the church.
  • Ministry Volunteers – every ministry of our church is made possible by volunteers. They are the foundation of our ministry. According to Ephesians 4, the role of the church staff is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry.” Volunteers are how everything happens here at Mission City.
  • Church Staff – the staff provides direction in specific ministry areas of our church; globally and campus specific.

Pastor Matt Surber

Pastor Matt accepted the position of Lead Pastor at Mission City Church in 2014.

Growing up in Bryan, Texas, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Communications from East Texas Baptist University. He then went on to attend Southwestern Theological Seminary, pursuing his Master of Divinity and graduated with a Master of Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. Matt did post graduate Ph.D. work at Trinity as well. 

Matt came to Mission City with a wealth of experience. He served at Prestonwood Baptist Church, in Plano, Texas as a Student Pastor and Campus Pastor for nine years. In 2007, he became the Senior Pastor at Istrouma Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Most recently, Matt served as Lead Pastor at Central Church in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area. Under the Holy Spirit’s leadership, God has blessed each church where Matt has served. He is very excited about Mission City and where God
is leading us!

Matt enjoys time with his family, all sports (highly competitive!!), and hunting (if you have land, let him know!) Matt and his wife, Becky, have been blessed with two sons, Caleb and Josh.

Matt Surber

Matt Surber

Lead Pastor

Don Long

Don Long

Executive Pastor

Chuck Foster

Chuck Foster

Northwest Campus Pastor

Dave Cash

Dave Cash

Central Campus Pastor

Marian Ellis

Marian Ellis


Kelsey Hiett

Kelsey Hiett


Jeff Garner

Teaching Pastor and Next Gen Ministry