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Principles of Overcoming Temptation

Pastor Matt Surber discusses the principles of overcoming temptation.

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Pastor Matt Surber looks at scripture and reminds us that we are not saved by the quality of our decisions, but we are saved by the grace of God!

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Revelation 22

Pastor Matt Surber finishes our series on Revelation and reminds us that the Book of Revelation is intended to fuel hopeful obedience and holiness in our present day.

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Revelation 21

Pastor Matt Surber studies the new heaven and new earth that are described in Revelation 21.

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Sing Hallelujah, Victory Is Assured

Pastor Matt Surber studies Revelation 19 and Christ’s return.

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Easter 2022

Pastor Matt Surber reminds us that the tomb is empty, Jesus has risen, and the resurrection changes everything.

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Do Not Love The World

Pastor Matt Surber looks at Revelation 17-18 and reminds us that Jesus is far better than anything this world has to offer and prompts us to repent of our worldliness.

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The Bowls

Pastor Matt Surber discusses Revelation 15-16 and reminds us that God is infinitely worthy of eternal worship.

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Pastor Matt Surber wraps up Go!Missions month with special guest Owen Githanga from Compassion International.

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