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What We Have Learned About The Church From Acts

Pastor Matt Surber reviews what we have learned about the Church from the Book of Acts so far.

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An Amazing Church

Pastor Matt Surber studies Acts 20 and unpacks the three foundational values that make up an amazing Church: Love Jesus Christ, Love Truth, and Love Eachother.

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How To Explain The Gospel

Pastor Matt Surber looks at Acts 17 as he unpacks how we, as witnesses, can effectively contextualize the gospel to those around us.

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The Holy Spirit

Pastor Matt Surber studies Acts 16 and looks at how the Holy Spirit uses the unlikeliest of people to contextualize the Gospel through divine promptings.

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The Gospel is Better Than Legalism

Pastor Matt Surber, of Mission City Church in San Antonio, looks at Acts 15 as he unpacks the difference between legalism and the freedom we have in the Gospel.

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Building Gospel Bridges

Pastor Matt Surber looks at Acts 14 and unpacks how Christ-followers should approach the Gospel in a lost world.

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The Unstoppable God, Gospel and Church

Pastor Matt Surber looks at the Book of Acts and reminds us of the unstoppable power of our God, the Gospel, and the Church.

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A Change of Plans

Central Campus Pastor Dave Cash looks at the life of Paul in Acts 9 and reminds us that no matter how far we may feel from God, He wants to meet us and use us where we are at.

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The Gospel

Pastor Matt Surber talks about how God’s transforming power (the Gospel) makes unclean things clean and how He prepares us to receive and share the gospel.

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