How to Share the Gospel

Series - Mission City Podcast
Presenter - Dave Cash + Chuck Foster - Campus Pastors
Date - April 26, 2023

Being a follower of Christ means that we go and make disciples, meaning that we are going and sharing the Gospel wherever we are. But many times, that is easier said than done. How can we be better equipped and less afraid to share the Good News? That’s what today’s session is all about.

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It’s Not Too Late to SHOW YOUR FAITH

Today, we take on some questions that people are asking online. These questions revolve around Parenting, Growing in Your Faith, and Seeking Community.

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Without a good coach, a team cannot succeed. There’s a correlation between being a coach and being a ministry leader. Today, Dave and Chuck discuss this overlap and more.

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ALLOW GOD TO OPEN THE DOORS: Interview with Kelsey Hiett

We are joined by Kelsey Hiett, the Director of Worship and Church Experience at Mission City. Kelsey shares how she got involved in ministry, her heart for worship, and also what is important to know if you’re looking to get involved in ministries like these.

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