The Not-So-Good Samaritan

Series - Mission City
Scriptures - John 4
Presenter - Pastor Matt Surber
Date - August 6, 2023

Pastor Matt Surber looks at the story of the woman at the well and how Jesus meets us.

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Sermon Notes

Reaching people for Christ is not always comfortable and may at times be inconvenient.

You will never come to Christ until Christ first comes to you.

Jesus wants to have an encounter with you today.
John 4:10-15

Jesus comes to you in your need.
John 4:16-18

Without conviction of sin, there can be no true conversion.

Jesus has a message for you to share.

God uses those who are willing to be used.

– No one is too sinful to be saved
– No one is saved without facing their sinful past
– No one who truly meets Jesus will ever be the same
– When we truly meet Jesus, we have to share Him with others

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