Be a

Series - Mission City
Presenter - Pastor Matt Surber
Date - August 13, 2023

Pastor Matt Surber teaches on how we can all be proactive in sharing the Gospel in our day-to-day lives.

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Sermon Notes

Gallop Poll: 87% Believe in God… though not necessarily religious or church-goers.

Most of your friends and neighbors just need someone they trust to help them find their way to the one true God!

What your friends and neighbors want…

  1. For you to Listen without judgment
  2. Allow them to draw their own conclusions
  3. For you to have confident conviction of your beliefs

Matthew 28:19
Acts 1:8
1 Peter 3:15

Be A

B – Begin with Prayer
L – Listen (Ask questions, then listen)
E – Eat
S – Serve
S – Share

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