Student Midweek

Student Midweek

Date - January 20, 2021    Date End -January 20, 2022
Time - 7:00 pm
Location - Both Campuses
Contact - Jacob Espinoza; Theo Combos

As always on Wednesdays, we have Midweek at 7:00 PM with the pre-hang starting at 6:30 PM!

Midweek Students is the place to be each Wednesday night! There will be food, extravagant games, incredible music, and a solid time in God’s Word. Students will have an opportunity to build friendships and their walk with the Lord at this exciting weekly event! Reminder to have your students bring $2 for their meal.

We really encourage students to invest in reading their Bible. As a result, please encourage your student to bring their Bible and a journal! If they do not have a Bible, let us know, and we would be happy to give them one!

Midweek at Central Campus

7:00 – High School and Middle School

Get there early and hang out at 6:30, then at 7:00 students will worship and dive deep into their personal walk with Jesus in an advanced way. Competitions and games will be enhanced to their level and sermons will be pointed at the high school experience; engaging them where they are.

Midweek at Northwest Campus

7:00-8:30 pm – Middle School Only

Middle School will have their own worship experience in their own location on campus. We are looking forward to God doing big things with our middle schoolers and we want to give them a chance to be challenged apart from the rest of the students. This will create an opportunity to hit on specific middle school topics and make it a service that is connected to their world.

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Mission City Students Social

Student LifeGroups

High school and middle school students! This is your family at Mission City Central.

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Sunday Worship

We corporately worship, support and pray together weekly. Find out more about Sundays at Mission City below, and more about worship specifically here.


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Northwest High School Students on Sunday NITE

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