Worship & Creative Team

Music has a way of taking truth to all new heights and depths that words alone can’t go. Perhaps that’s why God gave us the gift of song. There is nothing like the people of God gathered in the presence of God to sing the praises of God – filling our minds, mouths, and memories with the truth and responding in adoration and thanksgiving and praise.

The worship ministry at Mission City Church isn’t a concert. It’s not Christian karaoke. It is an opportunity to encounter Jesus, our true worship leader, who takes us before the throne of God. We prayerfully create band-driven, vibrant, experiential worship atmospheres to see Jesus and respond to him with all we are. Whether through singing, prayer, giving, listening to God’s word preached, communion, and more, our deep desire is to not just be just song-singers, but worshipers.

Our Worship & Creative Team is always looking for new team members with an interest in glorifying God through sound, lighting design, video, photography, graphic arts, music, and more. Please contact the Worship Department.