Jacob Mancini

College Pastor

My earliest memory is the day we moved to Houston, Texas when my dad got a new job at a church in League City. Around that same time my childlike faith sprouted, and I began my relationship with Jesus. I really liked my church and the schools I grew up in. Playing trumpet in band and mountain biking after school were my go-to hobbies. And yes—you can mountain bike in Texas.

I eventually made my way to The University of Texas at Austin to study mechanical engineering. While I was there, I learned how to think, but I also fell in love with my local church. College is such a sweet time to pursue Jesus and the joy that only He brings. God made it clear that He was preparing me to serve His bride, the church, full-time after college, but He also made sure I met my bride along the way.

I am married to the most beautiful and godly woman I know, Meg Mancini. Come hang out with us and our golden retriever! You can find me trying all the coffee shops, hiking all the trails, and posted up at college campuses all across San Antonio.