David George

Senior Adults

I grew up in a Christian home and was at the church whenever the doors were open. At age 9, I went forward in a service to be baptized, because that was what I observed that good little boys did, and I wanted to be good little boy. I continued playing at the game of Christianity until I went off to college. Then I began to search for the “real” meaning of life through eastern philosophies (this was the mid-1960’s). I began to date again my former high school sweetheart (I broke up with her to be a “big man on campus”), Chérie, who would eventually become my wife. When I began to get serious about our relationship, she said that she could not because I was obviously not a Christian (I had evidently “impressed” her with the worldliness I learned at Texas A&M!). She had become a Christian as a little girl, but it was real in her case. Through her patient testimony, I realized that what I was searching for, real meaning in life, I already knew about but had never applied. In Feb 1967, halfway through my sophomore year, at age 19, I gave my heart to Jesus and was baptized as a true believer.

Since graduating from A&M and getting married, God has led us both on a wonderful journey of discovering the depth of His love for us. We spent the next 30 years traveling the world as His ambassadors (He used the Air Force to pay the way!), serving as Deacon, Deacon Chairman, Music Minister, SS teacher, Discipleship Director, and many other positions in the 16 assignments He led us through.

I retired from the Air Force in 1999 after 30 years of service and the Lord led us back to Texas, to San Antonio, and to Mission City Church, where I soon began serving as an active Deacon. In Spring 2001, I began leading the Sr. Adult Choir (the Glory Land Singers). In the Spring of 2004, the Pastor to Sr. Adults, Ben Walker, retired, and I was asked to come on the staff to fill his position, since I had a good relationship with many of the Sr. Adults. God has continued to open doors and we just walk through them! I have never been more fulfilled in serving Him as I am by serving on the staff here at Mission City. We both look forward to whatever ways He may have for us to serve Him in the future.