Kingdom of God # 8 | Return of the King | TueGather

Series - TueGather
Presenter - Marian Jordan Ellis - Womens Minister
Date - April 6, 2021

In this final teaching from the series, The Unshakeable Kingdom, Marian Jordan Ellis unpacks Matthew 24 and outlines the 7 prophetic signs of Christ’s Second Coming.

Portrait of Mary Magdalene: Women of the Bible

Join us as Bible teacher, Marian Jordan Ellis teaches on the life of Mary Magdalene.

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For His Glory: An Introduction to Ephesians

Join us as Bible teacher, Marian Jordan Ellis kicks off our study of Ephesians.

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Kingdom of God #1 | The Unshakeable Kingdom

In this new series, Bible teacher Marian Jordan Ellis unpacks truths of the Kingdom of God from the Old and New Testament and how this truth gives us unshakeable hope.

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