Conflict Resolution

Series - Mission City Podcast
Presenter - Dave Cash + Chuck Foster - Campus Pastors
Date - October 12, 2022

Whether it’s in the workplace or with family or friends, at some point, we all run into conflict with others. We tend to handle these situations on our own, but did you know the Bible gives us direction on how to go about conflict resolution? Today, our campus pastors, Dave Cash and Chuck Foster, discuss what biblical conflict resolution looks like and how we can better handle when we find ourselves in those situations.

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Surrender or Negotiation?

When we consider what it takes to follow Christ every single day, it’s a decision that requires total sacrifice. Today, our campus pastors, Dave Cash and Chuck Foster, talk through what that means.

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What Does Commitment Look Like?

As Christians, we are called to die to ourselves every day and to put first the kingdom of God. But what does it look like to have this kind of commitment? Today, campus pastors Dave Cash and Chuck Foster share examples of this commitment and share how we can prioritize our faith.

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How Can We TRUST God?

What an exciting time in the world and at Mission City. As God challenges us to take a next step, we often stop because of fear and a lack of trust. Today, Campus Pastors Dave Cash and Chuck Foster talk about how we can come to trust God more and say YES.

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