Chuck Foster Story

WINNING // Chuck Foster Story

Date - April 13, 2021

A story about finding out what it really means to be winning in life.

Thank you Chuck Foster for sharing your story.

“I don’t know if it’s a calling or a positioning, maybe future things. God puts you in places to grow you and God was positioning me for these things; you could probably say it’s the same thing. Most of my life has been spent teaching coaching. I played baseball in high school. I played baseball in college. I played football in high school and the sport drew me in. I was fortunate when I came on, when I got to Boerne as a head coach, we were good. We won a state championship within my second year. I thought this is easy.

Fast forward, two years after that, it got really messy. How I handled people, how I handled parents, how I handle players, how I handled wins and losses. It became very difficult and messy. And I learned over that period of time, I can win a game, but I’m not winning. That’s not winning. Winning is at the end of the day, you’ve made a difference. I began to feel the pull out of coaching and teaching really about two years ago. I began to investigate that. My heart was sort of searching honestly. I knew that I wanted to do something significant. What that was, I couldn’t answer you at the time I was saved when I was 13. I know the Lord saved me. I went through a period where, where I was absolutely on fire for God, but because I was not being discipled consistently, I really felt like, I wasn’t growing.

And so, we’d kind of drifted and not attended church for a while. And God put on my heart, that we were floundering. We needed to be with believers. And I really feel like the day that we walked in the doors here, God changed my heart because God put an immediate desire to be back in a family of believers again. And God began to transform my heart through when I began to dive into His Word, if men’s hearts can be changed, they can change their entire trajectory of their family. And, I have a heart for that. And I see guys do that, because I’ve seen what it’s done just in my life with my wife and my kids, seeing my son-in-law has saved at this church, through these people at Mission City. You know, like I said, I’ve seen so much transformation my heart, I can’t wait to see how God transforms other people’s hearts in the same way. I feel a higher sense of what I’m doing. I’m in a new world. It’s exciting. The people that show up our doors, who we coach; I coach who shows up.”

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