Women’s Bible Study - Mission City Northwest

Women’s Bible Study – Northwest

Date - September 13, 2022    Date End -September 13, 2022
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Location - Northwest Campus
Contact - Marian Ellis

REGISTRATION: Women’s Fall Bible Studies Northwest


Are you hoping to deepen your relationship with Jesus and develop authentic community with other women? Women’s Bible studies at Mission City Church are the best place to foster friendships that are centered on loving and following Jesus.

Get registered for one of our Fall Bible Studies at Mission City Church. We will be meeting weekly with the exception of the week of TueGather, when we encourage you to join together as a community as we bring our worship to our gracious King. 

Registration is $20 which includes your materials and childcare for the semester. Studies are weekly and begin the week of September 13th.

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Women’s Bible Study - Mission City Northwest
Study of Ephesians

Tuesday Mornings @ 10:00 AM
Begins — Tuesday, September 13th (Northwest)

For His Glory: A Study of Ephesians by Marian Jordan Ellis

In For His Glory, Marian Jordan Ellis leads us in an in-depth study of Ephesians to help us dismantle the lies we’ve believed about ourselves and replace them with a new identity built on God’s Word. The truths in Ephesians speak to the core beliefs we carry about ourselves, revealing to us our part in God’s magnificent design to redeem a people for Himself who reflect His glory to the world.

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Wednesday Evenings @ 6:30 PM
Begins — Wednesday, September 14th (Northwest)

Behold and Believe: A Study of John by Marian Jordan Ellis

The Apostle John was a devoted follower of Jesus and eyewitness of His majesty! He beheld Christ’s miracles, teachings, and suffering. John stood in awe inside the empty tomb and ate breakfast with the resurrected Lord. Through John’s testimony, we come to behold and believe that Jesus is indeed a son of God and the Savior of the World. In Behold and Believe, Marian Jordan Ellis leads participants verse by verse through the gospel of John and explains the Old Testament signs, symbols, and prophecies fulfilled and Jesus Christ.

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A Community of Women in Worship and the Word.

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Sunday Worship

We corporately worship, support and pray together weekly. Find out more about Sundays at Mission City below, and more about worship specifically here.


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Man Church at Northwest

Men’s Bible Study at the Northwest Campus

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